Welcome to Your Tribe! 

"I AM" SOUND SLEEP group coaching program is the first of it's kind, bringing together a community of soon to be former Insomniacs who all have a very unique thing in common. It's easy to feel like you are on an island when you suffer from Insomnia, but being part of a group like this will turn that island into a empowered community of soon to be sound sleepers!  

Unlike insomnia support groups, this group coaching program is here to support your sleep by focusing on the sleep that you do get, and not be a place to bask in the circumstances that surround of insomnia.  

You will be supported with all the right tools, and you will be coached in a way that helps you understand how you can start to sleep.

How does this course work?

"I AM" SOUND SLEEP is an 8 - week interactive course using my signature Sleep Transformation System, organized into 8 weeks of interactive learning content and group coaching. You will be coached by me in a group setting with plenty of time for 1 on 1 coaching, while learning from the coaching of others as well. 

Here is an overview of the course. 

You will:

1. Create an environment that supports simple, but radically different change!

2. Learn how to get more energy from your food and become less susceptible to energy draining food choices! This course also comes with a 14-Day Food Reset that is the greatest possible tool for this. 

3. Incorporate powerful tools & techniques that transform the physical and emotional factors that keep insomnia in place! 

4. Learn how to accumulate sleep confidence, the #1 sleep supplement necessary to overcome  insomnia! 

Have questions? I would love to answer any you may have about this course. Schedule a complimentary 30 minute session here to discuss how this course can help you. 



This 14-Day reset allows you to cleanse your body by eliminating common allergenic foods, then re-introduce them one by one and use your intuition to understand which ones are fuel, and which ones are incompatible. This approach puts you in control of your lifestyle, using this wisdom to eat food that burns as premium fuel!

A $247 Value!

Take a radically different approach to transform your sleep! 

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Derek  Lacey
Derek Lacey
Sleep Coach

Derek Lacey is a Sleep Coach who spent most of his adult life in the grip of insomnia. A life of fear and uncertainty of his greater calling, blended with a host of unhealthy habits stemming from his life as a musician and bartender, brought him to rock bottom, with no solution for rising above. His commitment to a whole new set of habits around food, mindset, and spirituality helped him overcome his greatest lifestyle challenges, even beyond Insomnia. He began to see life differently and understand how to use his unique skills as a communicator and connector to influence the lives of others. As a life coach for insomniacs it is his mission, through public speaking, content, and one-on-one coaching to motivate, inspire, and enable people to transform their lives through good sleep.